All females tend to have a little testosterone in their bodies naturally and this amount is about one-tenth of the hormone present in males.  But due to certain reasons such as age, hormonal imbalance etc., the level of testosterone in females may rise leading to some positive side effects and some negative side effects.

Some positive side effects include increase in libido and increased muscle mass but some negative side effects include growth of bodily hair which can be really embarrassing. Thus in order to avoid facing the negative effects, efforts must be made to lower the testosterone level and this can be done naturally by following the provided tips and suggestions:

natural ways to lower testosterone levels in females

Take Nutritional Supplements

One of the ways to lower down the testosterone levels in females is to take nutritional supplements. DIM is a natural supplement that is made using broccoli and cauliflower and is known to reduce the male sex hormone called androgens.  Taking this supplement regularly but on the doctor’s advice can help curb the hormone level and offer benefits.Another natural supplement that may prove beneficial here is calcium D glucarate which has to be taken twice every day.

Drink Herbal Teas

Another effective and natural way to lower down the testosterone levels in females is to drink herbal teas. There are many herbs and herbal supplements which too can be taken in order to bring down the male hormone levels in females. You can either take them in capsule form or in the form of tea. One of the best herbs for this purpose is spearmint.  It is not just beneficial for is also tasty.

According to a study, women who had 2 cups of spearmint tea for 5 days had lower levels of testosterone called androgen.  Another herb which proves beneficial for the same purpose is black cohosh. Black cohosh can be taken in either 20 mg or 40 mg quantity twice every day. Saw palmetto and chaste tree also are amazing as far as lowering down testosterone is concerned.


Acupuncture is a very effective treatment that helps cure several medical conditions including the high levels of testosterone. According to certain research work, those women who underwent acupuncture showed reduced hair density and length because of decrease in testosterone levels. It is important to take help of a very experience acupuncture specialist for this and always take a doctor’s consultation before going for the procedure.


Another superb way to lower down the levels of male hormones in a female is to exercise. Moderate exercise for about 45 minutes a day and for about 5 days a week combined with a healthy diet is sufficient for maintaining the hormonal balance and balancing out all the shot up hormones.

Proper Diet

Maintaining a balanced and proper diet is also a major requirement for females with high testosterone levels.  One must reduce intake of highly saturated and fatty foods and concentrate more upon foods with high fiber content like cereals, legumes, green leafy vegetables and fruits etc.