Anemia means that the red blood cell level of the body is low. There are a lot of women suffering from this problem and they might be looking for natural foods for anemia treatment. The good news is that not only diet supplements can treat this problem, you can take care of it the natural way as well.

Natural Foods for Anemia Treatment


Beetroot is known for having blood-enhancing characteristics. It is known for being high in iron but also comes with calcium, sodium and vitamin C and A. The studies show that beetroot increases the absorption and concentration of oxygen in the blood.


In case you are looking for foods for natural anemia treatment, you should be nuts for nuts. These are high in proteins and iron. The best nuts for this purpose include Brazilian nut and pistachio because they are the richest in iron. 100 grams of nuts contain 15 mg of iron.

Red meat

This is known as one of the natural foods for anemia treatment. Besides its blood enhancing characteristics, it also improves the oxygen’s absorption in blood. Although it is benefic, red meat should only be consumed in limited quantities because it can also increase the cholesterol levels.


When it comes to natural anemia treatment foods, you shouldn’t forget about eggs. This is also known for being a whole meal because it comes with all the nutrients that the body needs. If you don’t have a good digestive system, you should have a boiled egg every morning.

Curry leaves

The curry leaves are commonly used in the Indian cuisine and it is known to be one of the natural foods for anemia treatment because it is rich in iron. 100 grams of curry leaves come with 50-60 mg of iron. As you can see, this is a very high level.

Fermented foods

If you like bean pastes, you are on the right road to finding natural foods for curing anemia. Some other foods of this kind include tempeh and miso. They come with a lot of iron and bacteria that helps with the absorption of vitamins.

It is always better to think of natural foods for anemia treatment because the dietary supplements, besides the vitamins and minerals, also come with other chemicals meant to bond the different ingredients of the supplements. You should get the minerals and vitamins from your diet.