Yeast infections are commonly seen and may occur at any age, in areas with skin folds, under the nails, the genital area, the breast area and even the teeth.

Yeast infections are so common that an estimated 75% of all women may have one at some point of time in their lives so it may be a good idea to use natural cures for yeast infections to treat the problem.

Natural Cures for Yeast InfectionsIt is the organism that is typically present in a healthy vaginal area at all times, which causes a yeast infection when its population grows unchecked due to many different factors such as pregnancy, menstruation, certain antibiotics, decreased immunity, stress, diabetes, and so on.

Prior to starting any natural cures for yeast infections or other remedies, it is important to get a yeast infection properly diagnosed, since some of its symptoms are similar to other problems such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Other conditions may require prescription medication and may not respond to home remedies, and instead escalate causing complications so proper diagnosis is vital.

Commonly used natural cures for yeast infections include-

Avoid yeast infections – Certain foods can trigger yeast infections, so identify and avoid these triggers. Since yeast loves dark and damp places, make sure you don’t encourage its proliferation – keep the vaginal area dry and if possible leave off panties for a while.

Do not douche routinely since douching can kill the helpful or friendly bacteria in the region that keeps yeast in control. Feminine sprays or so called intimate hygiene products may also be a culprit in fostering the infection, so try to cut them out.

Maintain good hygiene at all times to avoid passing on infections. Also make sure that you have your stress levels in control, this can trigger infections.

Use probiotics, boric acid and tea tree oil as natural cures for yeast infections – Probiotics or the natural friendly bacteria that reside in the body keep harmful bacteria populations under control and can help fight yeast infections as well.

Probiotics taken orally or in the form of suppositories can help to control the problem.

Boric acid suppositories can also be used since boric acid has antifungal and antibiotic properties. Another suggested natural remedy for yeast infections is tea tree oil – when diluted and applied in the vaginal area, this is seen to fight the bacterial growth.

Medicated douche – Though routine douching is not advisable since it can actually cause a yeast infection, if there are symptoms of a yeast infection already present, mild vinegar or probiotics douches can be effective natural cures for yeast infections.

Using diluted vinegar or diluted live yoghurt as a douche in the vaginal area is something that many recommend. Also keeping the area dry, clean and devoid of secretions is a good way to get rid of the infection and keep symptoms under control.

Cranberry Juice – The natural antibacterial properties of cranberry are known to help ease symptoms or prevent infections of a number of different kinds, and it can also be useful as natural cures for yeast infections.