The condition of lupus Eratosthenes symptoms could affect just anyone regardless of their gender or age.

The symptoms in case of men are really similar to women’s symptoms. However there are also some distinctive symptoms only women can notice.

Information about the lupus Eratosthenes signs

The common signs of the problem include facial rash, poor circulation, photo sensitivity, inflammation and other symptoms. Lupus is an autoimmune disease which means that it makes the body unable to distinguish its own cells from foreign cells. As a result of the attacks of the immune system, a lot of internal organs get damaged.

Signs of lupus Eratosthenes in women

lupus-Eratosthenes-symptomsAlthough the symptoms in case of both genders are similar, the symptoms of men are usually more aggressive, especially the ones affecting the internal organs.

In case of women the three distinctive symptoms are swollen joints, fatigue and a butterfly-shaped rash. The first two could characterize arthritis too, but the rash is specific.

The truth regarding the lupus Eratosthenes symptoms is that there are a lot of different symptoms that aren’t specific. This is why the specialists diagnose the condition if the patient shows at least four of the eleven specific signs.

These symptoms of lupus Eratosthenes include the butterfly rash, sore mouth or ulcers in the mouth, kidney disease, photosensitivity, scaly rashes in different areas of the body, poor circulation or a low number of blood cells, neurological disorders like seizures, positive blood tests, swollen joints, inflammation of the heart or lungs, and a positive screening of antinuclear antibody.

Most common signs

When it comes to the most common lupus Eratosthenes symptoms you should think about photosensitivity and joint pain. Although the pain may indicate that women are affected by arthritis, the sensitivity to light makes it certain that they are affected by lupus.

As a result of the warning signs of lupus Eratosthenes if people are exposed to sunlight they get rashes on their face, chest and hands. This manifestation of the condition is known as lupus flares. In case of women the flares could also be accompanied by weight gain, fever, foamy urine, hair loss, oral ulcers, seizures, depression and memory loss.

In the same time some of the women reported as lupus Eratosthenes symptoms that their menstrual periods lasted for 10-15 days. Because of this the specialists say that the women affected by the condition shouldn’t be thinking about getting pregnant as long as they show signs of this sickness.


We have to note about the lupus Eratosthenes warning signs that at this moment there is no known cure for the condition. The treatments that are available focus on the symptoms of the condition. In many cases the doctors suggest anti-inflammatory medication to slow down the progression of the condition, to make the pain better and to reduce the rash.

As you can see the lupus Eratosthenes symptoms consist of a set of symptoms that can be easily mistaken for other conditions. This is why you should see a specialist about your problems.