Eliza Dushku seems to make a stand against lupus and she has found a really healthy way to do so: through participating at a walk. She is hoping that she will manage sound an alarm signal regarding the illness and she would like to raise some money for an organization that is handling the illness.

Eliza DushkuShe has signed up for the organization Lupus Foundation of America that is investigating the causes of the autoimmune illness. She has a fundraising page on which she is asking people to support her with her goal of achieving donations worth of £625.

She is requesting people to securely offer a donation, all they have to do is to push the button and finalize the donation. She is also encouraging her fans through her Twitter account.

While Eliza is fighting constructively to aid a health issue, Lady Gaga who is known for her unhealthy eating habits and for her self-scrutinizing has a complete opposite attitude in spite of being diagnosed with the same disease.

There have been some cases when she has been on tour and she has been eating very little for weeks in order to fit into one of her costumes. This is why people say that she seems sick and really obsessed by her weight.

It is said that she stands in front of the mirror for hours and keeps on criticizing herself. This obsession of hers is getting more than unhealthy. We also have to add that she has a connection to lupus, a disease that she admitted to be battling and she is using her outrageous wigs and perfectly toned body in order to distract people from seeing the side effects of the illness.

Fighting the LupusBecause of the disease she is said to have lost hair and to have had red blotches all over her body.

However, it seems that having lupus and this obsession aren’t the only demons of Lady Gaga.

A lot of people know about her drug problem, but what they don’t know is that it started quite early, and she has tried heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and every drug that you can think of.

She has become a character called Lady Gaga leaving no memory of the girl called Stefi who was drearily loved by her family and friends.

Self-scrutinizing a bit is actually something every person does at least once in a while, but doing so in front of millions of people might be a little too much. She should gently be brought back with her feet on the ground especially now that she has cleaned her act and speaks against drugs with every occasion she has.