The truth about the lupus autoimmune disease symptoms is that this condition is a pretty mysterious one that has several signs and symptoms that can be misinterpreted and as a result the doctors could reach the wrong diagnosis.

However there are also some specific signs that can confirm the diagnosis.

Information about the symptoms of lupus autoimmune disease

In many cases the specific signs are observed by the patients. Naturally there are also some that are revealed during a medical exam or a blood test.

lupus-autoimmune-disease-symptomsIf you think that you may be affected by the condition, your doctor could ask for an anti-nuclear antibody blood test.

This test is performed in case of the signs of lupus autoimmune diseases because it can find the autoantibodies that attack the cells of the body.

Nonetheless a positive test doesn’t mean that a woman has lupus. There is also need for symptoms and some other lab tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Common lupus autoimmune disease symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of the disease include swollen and painful joints, rashes, fatigue, rashes turning into sores and scars, butterfly rash on the nose and cheeks, anemia, pleurisy, photosensitivity, ulcers in the mouth and nose and cardiopulmonary problems.


As it has been mentioned before, the lupus autoimmune disease signs include different kinds of rashes and lesions on the skin. There are three types of skin diseases that appear relatively often in case of women with lupus: chronic cutaneous, subacute cutaneous, and acute cutaneous.

Naturally there are some other skin diseases as well that can be considered lupus autoimmune disease symptoms. These include vasculitis, calcinosis, hair loss, and also livedo reticularis. Mucosal ulcers in the mouth and nose also appear often. These usually come and go depending on the flares of the disease.


Another one of the warning signs of lupus autoimmune disease is an inflammation of the kidneys. This is also known as nephritis. While some of the patients show no signs of renal problems, other could experience high blood pressure, weight gain, swelling of the legs, face and fingers.

This one of the lupus autoimmune disease symptoms could result in kidney failure. However this happens only in rare cases. Although a lot of patients don’t see the signs, you should know that this is a real problem and if you know that you have lupus, you should make sure that your kidneys are healthy.


The people experiencing the lupus autoimmune disease warning signs can also see inflammatory lung and heart problems. These problems are caused by an inflammation of the myocardium, the inflammation of the blood vessels of the heart, the lining of the heart or the inflammation of the sac surrounding the lungs.

As you can see there are a lot of different lupus autoimmune disease symptoms that you should know about. It is important to know that some of the symptoms are silent ones, meaning that they aren’t visible, so you may have to search for them to find them.