Heart is a major organ of the human body that purifies the blood and pumps the blood throughout the body so as to keep us energetic and healthy.

So, maintaining the heart in good condition is most essential for you to live a longer life.

Any disease affecting the heart is commonly treated as heart disease.

Heart diseases are the results of several factors: high cholesterol levels, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity and more exercising.

Most of the heart diseases are blocked arteries because of fatty deposits and cholesterol.Heart Disease Prevention

Heart disease is one of the major causes of death in the United States. It is found that for every half a minute a person dies from heart disease. This accounts to 3,500 Americans per day.

With a growing number of heart diseases and its mortality rate, the heart disease prevention has become essential for keeping your heart healthy and active. Therefore, for heart disease prevention, you can play your part by making some simple changes to your standard of living.

The first step in the heart disease prevention is attain the low cholesterol levels in the blood, as cholesterol is a main risk factor for heart disease.

For controlling high cholesterol levels in the blood, it is essential to maintain a diet with foods rich in fiber, low-saturated-fat and low cholesterol. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

It is good practice to check your cholesterol levels for every five years. Consult your doctor to lower your cholesterol level, if it is high.

Diabetes is one of the major risk factor for heart diseases. Controlling diabetes is another step in the heart disease prevention. Taking healthy diabetes diet at regular intervals, weight loss and regular exercising can reduce the risk of diabetes for the heart diseases.

Controlling high blood pressure can help prevent heart diseases. For maintaining a normal blood pressure, you need to make certain changes in your lifestyle such as stop smoking, taking healthy diet, doing regular exercises, and maintaining healthy weight.

Also, check your blood pressure on a regular basis. Consult your doctor if your blood pressure is high for getting it to the normal level.

Smoking is one of the risk factors for heart diseases. Stop smoking is the best heart disease prevention for lowering the possibility of getting heart diseases. If you find difficulty in quitting smoke, better consult your doctor for the best suggestions to give up smoking.

Extreme alcohol consumption increases the likelihood of getting heart diseases. Consuming moderately or giving up permanently is a great heart disease prevention to decrease your chances of getting heart diseases.

Maintaining a healthy weight is another heart disease prevention. It can be measured with the use of Body Mass Index (BMI). For a healthy weight, the BMI need to be 18-24.9. A healthy weight can be maintained with correct diet and physical activities.

It is good to practice moderate level exercises for a minimum of half-an-hour per day. By following these heart disease prevention methods, you can easily lower the risk factors of heart diseases.