lichen sclerosusThough not a very common disease, one should be aware of what Lichen Sclerosus is and the fact that it increases certain health risks among women.

Though the condition is most often detected in menopausal women (with low levels of estrogen), it is also sometimes seen in young women.

It can last for a very long time and in some cases (particularly if the sufferer is young) it may resolve itself.

Sometimes the disease may be misdiagnosed as thrush and may not get proper treatment. Usually the treatment is in the form of strong steroids to clear up the skin problems. Sometimes the affected skin may be removed as well.

The condition is associated to a higher cancer risk and is known to lead to carcinoma of the vulva and skin cancer in some cases. Also issues of self esteem can result from the disease.

The skin damage and pain of the condition can cause issues such as depression in many women and may also develop issues relating to having sexual intercourse.

Proper medical treatment and also counseling if required should be obtained as appropriate as soon as the condition is diagnosed. And relapses of the condition are also common so that periodic consultation is necessary even after seeming resolution of the problem.