While we have long been aware that motherhood and menopause are the two things in a woman’s life that cause her to put on weight, but research is now showing and even being in love can be fattening!

Even those women who were not mothers but were in a serious live-in relationship with a man were seen to put on weight. There could be many possible reasons:

  • When couple live together, it is likely that they change their eating habits to suit and accommodate one another. Women may start enjoying some more sinful treats that the man likes and the focus on food perhaps increases.
  • Women are more likely to make more of an effort with their cooking (the way to a man’s heart being through his heart and all that) so that it may be a more elaborate meal with more than one course and perhaps dessert as well.
  • Spending time at home together may also mean that a woman ends up drinking more alcoholic beverages
  • Active habits such as hitting the gym or going for a run after work may also change in favor of spending time at home with the significant other

So ladies, beware that being in love does not give you love handles as well; don’t let happiness harm your health.