Today, most women are still unaware of the fact that one of the most dangerous factors for the rise in heart-related problems is the ongoing substitution of healthy natural fats with artificial fats called trans fats.

These fats are largely artificial and synthetic. The fat is available only a minute amount in animal meat and a few dairy products.

Trans fats are also known as trans-fatty acids or hydrogenated fats. The trans-fat is a synthetically produced fat made by heating vegetable oils at high temperature and adding hydrogen to the vegetable oil (under pressure) through the process called hydrogenation.trans fat

Hydrogenation process makes the vegetable oil more stable by solidifying it and thus makes the oil a stiffer fat, a fat that is solid at room temperature. That is the reason why trans fats are different from other fats – saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats.

The polyunsaturated fats (available in vegetables) are good to the health, which lowers the normal cholesterol level. Saturated fats are bad and trans fats are far worse than both.

According to a recent study, in women’s body, for every five percent increase of saturated fat, the risk of heart disease rises by seventeen percent, whereas an increase of two percent in trans fats rises the risk of heart disease by ninety-three percent.

It also states that women with an intake of high trans fats are 1½ times more prone to coronary heart disease than women with low intake.

How dangerous the trans fats are for the female body?

Trans fats are very dangerous for women and also for both adults and children. Trans fats destroy the body’s ability to control cholesterol levels. The fat harms the female body by driving up the levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and reducing the “good” cholesterol or HDL cholesterol-the useful cholesterol for the body.

Thus, it increases the risk of premature heart diseases in women. The fat blocks the arteries and prevents the blood from running through the arteries. This puts the women at greater risk of developing coronary artery heart disease, heart attacks, stroke and other heart-related problems.

The fat also raises the levels of other harmful lipids in the blood. Thus, the trans fats acts in both ways– in destroying the blood’s fat levels by increasing the harmful lipids and reducing the good lipids. Trans fat also increases the problems with metabolic activities.

On the other hand, the dangers of trans fats in women are not limited to heart-related problems and problems with metabolism.

The dangers are increasing more and more. The researchers are now stating that excess trans fat may lead to infertility in women who seriously try to become pregnant.

To prevent these dangers of trans fats, an issue over the role of these fats in disease development has raised more recently and led the food production companies to confiscate these fatty substances from their products. As a personal effort, women should avoid trans fats to keep the heart in good condition as well as to increase her conception rate and have a healthy pregnancy.


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