Anemia is a blood disorder that occurs when there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells in the body to carry out sufficient amounts of oxygen to the tissues.

This type of blood disorder is common in women due to menstruation, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Red blood cells contains hemoglobin, an iron rich protein that gives blood its red color and, more significantly, helps in transportation of oxygen from lungs to all other parts of the body.

The formation of hemoglobin depends on the nutritional supplies of iron and protein.

It can occur due to any number of mineral deficiencies. Thus, there are various types of anemia. However, most are very rare but some are known and common among people.Anemia

A most common and well-known type is iron deficiency anemia. It occurs when there is lack of iron in the body which is required for the formation of hemoglobin.

The aim of anemia treatment is generally to replace the deficient minerals in the body. As said earlier, iron-deficiency anemia is one of the most commonly occurring forms of anemia. The best treatment for this type is mostly in-take of more iron.

By taking iron supplements regularly, you will notice that there is a very quick clear up of its symptoms. However, there are a number of other factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure an anemia treatment with iron is effective and safe.

The treatment generally includes a change in the routine diet that includes green and leafy vegetables, more fruits, beans, whole-grain products, blackstrap molasses and meat. Even dried fruits such as figs, apricots, prunes, seaweed and yams are all good in maintaining the iron levels in the body.

Iron supplements can also be used as the direct anemia treatment. Remember that a good diet can often help prevent this disorder.

It is a known fact that Vitamin C helps iron absorption; so take Vitamin C along with iron to increase the effectiveness of anemia treatment. Additionally, avoid taking tea, coffee, milk, and eggs because they reduce the effectiveness of iron absorption into the body.

Always see that you don’t exceed the iron dosage specified on the supplement bottle, or prescribed by your doctor. Because a high dosage of iron or iron supplements during treatment can cause side effects, such as tummy upsets, heartburn and constipation.

These side effects are rare, but if you encounter any kind of problem while going through treatment course, better stop intake of iron and inform your doctor immediately.

Here are few tips for using iron in anemia treatment:

It will be beneficial if you start taking iron in smaller dosages and increasing the dosage gradually so that your system gets used to it.

The treatment of anemia with supplements means you should also increase the fiber intake in your diet and see that you take the supplements with food.

If you find any problem with the intake of supplements (during treatment) at night, it is better to avoid and make it a practice of taking at morning times.