Idiopathic Cyclical Edema Syndrome is characterized by a lot of tissue swelling among women. It is the legs and abdomen that swell when sitting or standing and the face that swells when lying down.

This periodic swelling or bloating that is connected to gravitational positioning of the body, is known as Idiopathic Cyclical Edema Syndrome.

This condition can often get worse leading up to the menstrual cycle of the woman. Certain endocrine system conditions or specific problems relating to women’s health could be responsible for this.

Also, those who are on diuretics or laxatives or have eating disorders could suffer from this problem. The most commonly noted symptoms are:

  • In the areas where swelling and water retention is noted, there could be some pain and discomfort
  • Some symptoms similar to carpal tunnel syndrome may be noted
  • Morning aches and pains of diffuse nature may be experienced
  • Muscle and bone pain are also common
  • Headaches are also seen to accompany the swelling
  • Joint stiffness in the morning may be commonly seen
  • Worsening of PMS symptoms may be seen although Idiopathic Cyclical Edema Syndrome itself does not cause mood swings, irritability or feelings of depression the way PMS can.