Working a job where you stand on your feet all day can cause you to develop the discomfort of varicose veins.

These pop up when you least expect it and may become a health problem for you.

Varicose veins happen because of the weakening of your veins. They could cause you to have ulcers in your skin and clots in your blood.

Spider veins are a version of varicose veins that are really tiny and that make your legs look bad.varicose veins

These types of varicose veins may not give you any trouble. Small varicose veins with time can become large varicose veins and you may have to have some kind of treatment to handle your problem. This problem is most common in women.

Diagnosis of Varicose Veins

Your physician will ask you a lot of questions so that they will know how to treat you. They will want to know if you have diabetes or other conditions of your blood vessels so they will run a series of tests to determine this.

Your physician will want to determine if you have hardening of your arteries because this could cause you to have trouble with the circulation of your blood.

Having an ultrasound test will let your physician know if you have any blood clots in your veins. An ultrasound will show pictures of what your veins look like and if there is anything to be concerned about.

Micosclerotherapy Treatment

Treatment for your varicose veins will be determined by what kind of symptoms that you have and how much pain you are in. Your physician may want to perform a micosclerotherapy.

This procedure is done by putting an injection of solution that will make a scar inside of your veins. This will close your veins that are varicose and also reroute your blood so your blood will travel in veins that are in better shape.

Surgery by Laser

Another treatment that your physician may want to do is laser surgery. This type of surgery will use bursts of light that are very strong inside your varicose veins to help your legs get back to normal.

You may suffer some side effects from this procedure. It is good to ask your physician questions and be very informed before having this procedure done.

Prevention of Varicose Veins

Support hose may be prescribed by your physician to keep your blood flowing and your varicose veins from getting worse. You should do exercise that will give movement to your legs.

Leg exercises will help you to have the blood flow that you need for healthy legs. Of course if you are overweight this also could have an adverse effect on your veins. These are just a few of the things you can do to keep your legs and veins in good shape.

There are ways of treating your varicose veins but the best thing would be to never get them. Make sure that you take very good care of your legs so that varicose veins will not happen to you.