There are many reasons to have a healthy low fat diet and a fat behind may well be the least of it!

Now it would seem that there is yet another reason for women to eat fewer fats because a high fat diet is seen to increase the risk of suffering a stroke.

The old villain, trans fat, or hydrogenated fat that is ever present in items like cookies, cakes, stick margarine, fried foods, crackers and pastries.high fat diet

It is these trans fats that clog the arteries and ups stroke risk according to the new study. These fats are bad for the waistline as well as for the heart. These harmful fats that clog up the arteries reduce blood supply to the brain and thereby cause the commonest variety of stroke.

Women who ate fat rich diets were 44% more likely to have experience a stoke when compared to others. The idea is, that what is bad for the heart is also bad for the brain.  Traditionally premenopausal women had lower stroke risk than men of the same age, however with rising obesity, this trend is changing.

So here is one more reason to pay close attention to the labeling on the food that we buy and to stick to the healthier fats that come from nuts, seeds, fish and vegetable oils.

Source: thewashingtonpost


  1. Im telvina from bombay im married since 2 yrs im worried, 2 yrs passed but im not getting pregnant my husband is worried abt me he thinks im havin sum fault pls help me in this matter.
    Thanking u inadvance

  2. Thank you so much for this website. I have been talking to my wife about her diet. She worries me and I worry that one day I’ll wake up to roll over and find her not breathing.


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