A recent study examined the likelihood of a person dying after having suffered a heart attack and found that women were far more likely to die within a month after a heart attack than men are. Though it is not fully clear why this is the case, the study suggested that the reasons may be twofold.

There are biological differences among men and women, which could go some way to explain this difference. The average age of a woman who has a heart attack is considerably higher than that of a man; also women are likelier to have other health problems, which is responsible for this.

heart attack in woman

However, there are other reasons why this happens: the study suggested that it is the treatment regimens that were likely responsible for the fact that more women die after a heart attack.

It was found that women, when admitted to a hospital after a heart attack were less likely to get an angiography done to detect arterial blockages or then subsequently have an angioplasty performed to have those removed.

Another reason is that major heart studies seem always to be performed in the case of men rather than women; in this respect women are the understudied population.

Source: Reuters