That tall glass of iced tea or cola may not look quite as appealing when you find out that it could increase your risk of coronary artery disease.

A recent study looked at women who were 34 to 59 and who had no history of coronary artery disease or diabetes, and had never suffered a stroke.

The study found out that drinking only two beverages sweetened with sugar each day increased a woman’s risk of developing coronary artery disease by as much as 35% over women who limit their intake to about two sugar-sweetened beverages a month. Study results took other risk factors, such as smoking and obesity, into account.heart disease

Sugar-sweetened beverages are consumed more frequently today than ever before. They provide little nutrition, are a poor source of energy, and do not usually provide much satiety.

With increasing evidence that beverages sweetened with artificial sweeteners may actually contribute to weight gain rather than weight loss as was once thought, what’s a woman to drink?

While water remains the best source of hydration, the key for other beverages is moderation. A few beverages sweetened with sugar over the course of a month do little to raise your risk, just as a few glasses of wine each month may have beneficial effects.

To make water more appealing, try using sparkling water, or adding a piece of cucumber or fruit for additional flavor. Water flavored with mint is also popular as are herbal teas, many of which taste sweet without the addition of sweetener.


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