Vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and other problems relating to menopause can be inconvenient and annoying to say the least, however they could have a hidden benefit according to recently published research – women who suffer hot flashes could be at lower risk of heart attacks and strokes, it has been found.

hot flashes at menopauseEarlier it was thought that hot flashes, an indication of some blood vessel malfunction, could actually increase stroke and heart disease risk; however this new research seems to suggest otherwise.

The new research has found that the timing of the hot flashes seems to matter – women who experienced hot flashes and night sweats about the beginning of their menopause, were seen to lower their risks of heart disease, death and stroke.

Hot flashes and night sweats experienced later on during menopause were seen to have not increased or decreased risk of these health conditions.

According to study co-author, Dr. Emily Szmuilowicz, from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, these findings should reassure women who have hot flashes. It is most common for women to experience hot flashes at the beginning of their menopause rather than later years later or after menopause which could indicate instability of blood vessels.