A recent WHO report indicates that women are more likely than men to contract heart diseases due to the body’s susceptibility to storing fats beneath the skin. It is estimated that around 16.5 million people die every year from these cardiovascular malfunctions. Though many women do fear contracting breast cancer no such efforts are made to protect their heart from high cholesterol levels. To keep heart disease in women at bay and always remain healthy, it is wise to kick off habits such as smoking and consider only healthy lifestyle.

Heart disease in women

Revealing misconceptions about this disease

On a sad note, it has been generalized that chest pains affecting women and all other related symptoms often get misdiagnosed. They are regularly seen as psychosomatic symptoms of other issues such as anxiety or even depression.

In addition women also tend to ignore these early indicators of the condition because they tend to be very subtle and this is another reason for heart disease in women.

If a woman doesn’t see these early warnings as indicators of heart disease in women, then things can even get worse as these factors can escalate to high heights much later.

Physicians recommend that clot bursting medications should be given just within the very first 4-6 hrs after diagnosis of heart disease in women so as to prevent any vessels from rupturing.

Many women than men disregard their overall health status since they are usually engaged in busy daily schedules leaving them with very little if any time to engage in other related chores. But women tend to be healthier than their male counterparts in other health related areas because of the hormone estrogen produced during menstrual cycles.

This particular hormone has curative measures, but as we all know heart problems can only be prevented by maintaining healthy diet and also engaging in regular exercises.

How to prevent heart problems from arising

Research also reveals general heart diseases will kill women above the age of 65 years than any other group. This is in contrast with breast cancer which doesn’t choose the age group and will affect just about anyone. However, much younger ladies of between ages 35-55 years increasingly acquire heart disease in women related problems due to lack of proper exercising and poor eating habits.

Discussed here are few tips of preventing heart diseases amongst women.

Stop smoking: Each cigarette packet in the market has the warning initials that cigarette smoking can kill if used excessively, but very few people even read this statement since it is usually inscribed in very small wordings at the very base of a pack out of the eye’s reach.

Harmful chemicals found within the cigarette such as nicotine and carbon monoxide may cause arteries to be narrower, eventually leading to diverse heart diseases in women. This will consequently instigate growth of some angina and plaque structures. All these will restrict adequate oxygen supply right to the heart tissues.

To quit smoking is the surest means of doing away with all forms of heart problems. In addition, women who do smoke and at the same time take birth control tablets will augment their chances of getting ill from cardiovascular problems. If by all means you find it very difficult to quit with smoking then consult with your physician for further advice.