How can you be sure whether you experience a heart attack in women, arthritis pain or stomach indigestion? There are some signs that warn you in time regarding the kind of condition that you have.

Still the truth is that some of the women could have all the symptoms, a few of them, or none. In order to know for sure you need to consult a doctor, have an EKG or blood test.

Symptoms of women’s heart attack

You have to understand that every woman shows different signs of heart attack. In case you have symptoms, you should recognize them as soon as possible, so that you can take some action.

Heart Attack in WomenIn case there is anything unusual that you experience regarding your chest such as discomfort, uncomfortable pressure, tightness, fullness, or squeezing, you should know that these are signs of women’s heart attack.

You could experience such symptoms for minutes in a row or they could come and go. Also you could experience a crushing pain.

In the chest there could be some pain or pressure that also spreads to the neck, shoulder, jaw, upper back or arms. The pain that you have could be present in the abdomen or the stomach as well during women’s heart attack.

Although it is quite uncomfortable, you could also be faced with nausea or dizziness in case of heart attack in women. There are also some external symptoms that are visible for other people as well, like heart flutters, clammy sweats or paleness.

There might be some feelings that you have during a heart attack, like anxiety, weakness or fatigue. It is common for women to experience shortness of breath or problems with breathing in case of women’s heart attack.

There are a lot of women who think that only crushing pain can be experienced during a heart attack. In other cases the health care providers couldn’t manage to recognize their symptoms of heart attack in women mistaking them for other kinds of health issues, like indigestion. You can see that it is very important for the patients to have a blood test or an EKG to be sure that they aren’t experiencing a heart attack.

Silent heart attacks

In case a woman doesn’t experience any symptoms during a heart attack, only later she finds out about it due to a blood test of EKG, then we are talking about a ‘silent’ women’s heart attack. Nonetheless you can be sure that the damage to the heart is done. The silent heart attacks are hazardous because they reduce the possibility that the heart will live through another heart attack, no matter how mild it might be.

The silent heart attack in women is also known as ‘silent ischemia’. This means a shortage of oxygen and blood in the heart that lasts for a short period of time. The cause is the accumulated plague on the arteries.

Heart attack in women is more probable to occur in case there are three risk factors present at the same time.