feeling hopelessFeelings of hopelessness are not just unfortunate for women, they are one of the major risk factors of stroke. Otherwise healthy women who are chronically hopeless are more prone to develop plague in neck arteries that can trigger stroke, according to U.S researchers.

Susan Everson-Rose of the University of Minnesota Medical School, says, “these findings indicate that women with feelings of hopelessness might be at greater risk of stroke and heart diseases in future.”

Researchers conducted a study  among 559 women with an average age of 50 and with no signs of heart disease to show the link between hopelessness and stroke risk.

It was found that women who reported feeling hopeless about their future or personal goals had signs of stroke like thickening in the neck arteries. So, ultimately, the study suggests women to be aware that feelings of hopelessness may potentially raises risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Source: Reuters


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