Although you may think that the celebrities don’t have a problem in the world, there might be more to that. Many celebrities with heart problems are trying to warn people about them so that they would take some action as well.

Toni Braxton

During the shoot of ‘Aida’, she suddenly felt lightheaded and tired with some tightness in her chest and she passed out. When she got to the emergency room, she found out that she was affected by pericarditis, a kind of inflammation affecting the tissue that surrounds the heart, caused by a virus.


Miley Cyrus

In her biography, she shared with the world that she has tachycardia. This is a kind of heart condition that makes her heart beat faster than it should. According to her, the kind that she has isn’t dangerous so it won’t hurt her, but it does bother her. She added that when she is on stage she is constantly reminded of her condition.

Jennie Garth

It is known that the father of the celebrity passed away because of a heart condition commonly known as a leaky valve. Now it has come to attention that her heart is fluttering. The condition itself isn’t a dangerous one, but it could lead to complications in the future.

Elizabeth Taylor

She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure back in 2004. She also died because of this condition that limits the amount of blood pumped by her heart in 2011.

According to the statistical data, there are about five millions of people living with this condition in the U. S. and about 20% of them die within one year of the diagnosis, while 50% die within five years.

Barbara Walters

She is one of the most well known TV personalities and she had a procedure known as aortic valve replacement because she had a faulty valve. Even though she usually keeps things to herself, she opened up about this matter and interviewed other famous people regarding this matter in her show dedicated to heart conditions. She wanted to share her story with people, hoping that she will manage to raise their awareness.

As you can see the celebrities have their own problems, and they are not afraid to speak about their health issues. It proves that they are an example worth following.