For a long time now, we were being told that apple shaped women (those who carry extra fat deposits about the middle) are more at risk of heart disease than those of us who are pear shaped (carry extra fat on the bottom and thighs). A new study being published in the Lancet journal seeks to disprove that.

apple shaped obesityA study conducted by a team of 200 scientists from as many as 17 different counties arrived at the conclusion that while obesity itself is a major determinant in stroke and heart disease risk, the areas of fat accumulation is not a predictor of heart disease.

The fact is that, previous studies which concluded that apple shaped individuals were more likely to suffer from stroke and heart attack, had certain design limitations. This recent study also took into account other factors such as history or diabetes, lipid levels and systolic blood pressure.

The findings of this study suggest that it is still very important for people to keep track of their cholesterol and levels of blood pressure. The authors of the study stress that BMI is still a major indicator of heart disease.


  1. I agree that th ewomen with apple shaped body are less prone to heart diseases then it is called. Bit still keeping someone in shape always important.

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