Anemia is a condition that occurs when your body’s tissues are being starved of oxygen.

To develop an anemia symptom, it takes some time.

Anemia symptoms vary depending upon the severity of the condition.

In the beginning stages, anemia may occur without any symptom or they may be very mild and get detected only during a blood test.

However, as anemia gets worse you may experience several symptoms. Iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia symptoms.Anemia

Some of the anemia symptoms include:

Pale: An anemia symptom that is noticed in almost all cases of anemia. You, with anemia look especially pale as though the blood has been drained from your face.

Shallow breathing: This type of symptom occurs when you have trouble catching the breath. It may be shallow breathing and even rapid breathing. It all depends on your body’s attempt to get oxygen anyway it knows how.

Fatigue: It is the main anemia symptom of most types. With anemia, you would feel especially tired all of the time because without sufficient oxygen it is hard for your body to function properly. Feeling tired always is a sign that your body is not getting what it requires.

Low Blood Pressure: It is hard to identify a decrease in blood pressure levels unless you visit your doctor regularly. However, low blood pressure is still an anemia symptom.

Chest Pains: Chest pain may be a symptom of anemia because it is found more severe in some cases of anemia. If you experience any pain in chest along with any of these anemia symptoms, inform your doctor as soon as possible.

Rapid Heartbeat: It is a common anemia symptom where a heart beat will be faster than normal. It occurs mostly in the case during any sort of exertion or exercise.

Dizziness: A lot of the time, you will feel dizzy with anemia, particularly while getting up too fast from a sitting or lying position. You can also become dizzy for no reason at all.

Insomnia: It is an inability to have a sound asleep or repeatedly waking up throughout the night. You with anemia can also experience this symptom. Even this also depends on your body and other anemia symptoms you are experiencing.

Inability to Concentrate: With insufficient oxygen levels, the functioning of your body suffers, which includes the functioning of your brain. If you notice trouble in concentrating along with any of anemia symptoms, then it indicates that you may have anemia.

Leg Cramps: Even this occurs due to the lack of oxygen in your blood. Without enough oxygen, your legs may cramp up and feel painful if you have anemia.

The above anemia symptoms are just a small list. There are several other identifying factors to identify anemia. Similarly, it is better to know several different types of anemia.

Remember that all these types of anemia are due to lack of either a sufficient amount of red blood cells in the blood. Also, each type carries different anemia symptoms.

If you seriously believe that you are suffering from this condition, right away consult your doctor.