Wearing bra at night is a typical matter of debate amid the private talks of ladies. In the event that you pose this question to 10 ladies, most likely, you will get 10 separate answers. If you ask any experts, they will say that wearing bra while sleeping is not very harmful unless you can choose the right one.

Some ladies feel more comfortable in wearing bra while resting, while a few others are tensed about the antagonistic health impacts of wearing bra. If you chance upon to pick a lightweight, non-underwire bra or nightgown style pajama tops with inbuilt bra, you can get a good sleep without any harmful effects.

However, the harmful effects of wearing the wrong type of bra in the night can be deadly and you should know them for preventing the consequences. Read on for more information.

harmful effects of sleeping in a braRestlessness

Wearing a bra can be bothering for some ladies under the most favorable circumstances, so sleeping could very well enhance this feeling. Ladies who sleep on their back may feel the bra get press into their skin, creating inconvenience. An underwire bra could likewise dig into the underside of the breast tissue, bringing about scratching or red furrows.

Weakened Ligaments

In spite of the fact that support is an essential reason to wear a bra, it can really be unfavorable to a lady’s health. The bosoms don’t create solid ligaments on the grounds that they can’t take the weight of their own heap. Along these lines, breasts can hang more if a bra is always worn. On the off chance that the bra is worn both day and night, the bosoms don’t have the chance to utilize the ligaments whatsoever, and this enhances the problem.


There is still a debate on if this is true or not – but many scientific studies have said that if you sleep with bra having metal underwire, poorly fitting bras or tight ones, it will cause compression in your chest area which can cause breast cancer because the compression will prevent the lymph system to clear out toxins. However, it’s better to stay careful and choose only soft and loose bra while you are sleeping.

Excess Sweat

Being sweaty is a symptom of wearing a bra to bed. The additional material and cushioning smothers the wind current around the skin and subsequently can make a lady strangely hot and sweaty. This can result in tingling and inconvenience to the wearer. Ladies who sleep in a bra must ensure that it is made using a breathable fabric like cotton.

Cysts and Lumps

Cysts and Lumps are noncancerous pieces of tissue that can develop anyplace on the body. It is said that sleeping with your bra on can increase hormone circulation and thereby enhance stress levels that is often a cause for growth of cysts and lumps.

The harmful effects of sleeping in a wrong bra can be severe if worn from a tender age, on regular basis and for a long time. Thus, it’s always advisable to wear comfortable and loose clothing while you sleep so that both you and your body can stay at peace.