It is scientifically demonstrated that women metabolize alcohol more difficult than men. Also it takes a longer time for a woman to shake of the nasty consequences of a party because the female liver is more sensitive and far more prone to damage.  This is why choosing an effective but also a healthy hangover remedy is extremely important for women.

Hangover Facts and Remedies for Women

The Culpable to Know and Avoid

You may think that you just had too much to drink. In most cases this is not true because there are a multitude of factors  that make alcohol so difficult to eliminate from your system.  Most beverages contain chemical impurities such as preservatives and coloring but also different amounts of acetaldehyde. All these combined make drinking on an empty stomach, drinking too quickly and sipping dark colored beverages a sure way to a horrific hangover.

Water and Something Extra

Instead of considering the proverbial “hair of the dog”choose to replenish the electrolytes in your body. Water can do the trick but water with a hint of lemon or orange and grapefruit juice can help your liver flush the toxins. Tomato juice can also fit the same purpose.

Stay away from coffee because it might help for a few seconds after you drink it but it acts as a diuretic  and will put further stress on your liver and kidneys.


Nothing helps flushing alcohol better than sleep. The truth is nobody really believes that getting an extra sleeping time will alleviate alcohol caused nausea and headaches but for women sleep helps even more. Female liver cells get into a “speed mode” metabolizing the alcohol units faster when you are asleep. This causes the toxins to leave the system faster and shortens the recovery time.

Over the Counter Remedy

The plain old aspirin can help a lot when you’re feeling groggy.  It inhibits the prostaglandins in your blood which are elevated because of the alcohol. However, if you feel nauseated it won’t help at all.

Many women think that ibuprofen and acetaminophen are the ideal cure for the hangover but you should know they do more harm than good. Acetaminophen causes liver damage if taken after you drank alcohol and ibuprofen causes severe stomach irritation and even bleeding.


You may have heard that getting things moving will help the body eliminate the alcohol but incase you can barely get out of bed, working out may not be an option. Sex, however, is known to stimulate serotonin production, the “happy hormone” famous for causing a state of wellbeing and muscle relaxation.

If you feel up to it, a good sex reprise may be the most effective hangover remedy especially because you will need a refreshing drink and a good sleep after it.