You have to start researching the foods high in iron for anemia women should consider if your blood doesn’t have enough red blood cells and hemoglobin. The problem can appear as a result of nutrition deficiency, blood loss, deformation of your red blood cells and by the fact that the red blood cells can’t function properly.

Dark green and leafy vegetables as women’s foods high in iron for anemia

Foods High in Iron for Anemia – Women Should ConsiderIn case you are searching for foods which are very rich in iron, you may have in mind spinach and Swiss chard. Keep in mind that half cup of spinach contains 32 mg of iron. Women over 51 need 8 mg of iron and between ages 19 and 50 they should have 18 mg of iron on a daily basis.

Iron fortified foods

In our days when looking for foods for women that are high in iron for anemia you can find different kinds of food that come with added iron. These include pasta, cereals and breads. A pack of instant oatmeal contains about 4 mg of iron.

If you are interested in foods high in iron for anemic women, you should look for cereals that are fortified with 100% of the daily need. One cup of these comes with 18 mg of iron. A slice of whole wheat bread comes with 1.43 mg of iron, while regular white bread has about 0.94 mg of iron.

Poultry, beans, meat, and seafood

Seafood, beans and meat come with iron that can be easily processed by the body. A lean beefsteak of three ounces comes with about 2.6 mg of this nutrient. Three ounces of beef liver contains 5.24 mg of iron.

Black beans are rich in iron too, and you should keep them in mind among the foods high in iron for anemia women should consume. Half cup of black beans contains 1.8 mg of the nutrient. Steamed clams are also very rich in this nutrient. Three ounces of clams contains 23.8 mg of it. You should also give broiled and baked oysters a shot.

If you are looking for foods high in iron for anemia, women should have, consider that oysters come with 5.3 mg iron in only three ounces. Having some shrimp is also a good idea. If you don’t have it fried, it contains 2.63 mg of iron.