In case you are looking for foods for anemia you should know that no food contains enough iron so you cannot get the iron you need consuming only one kind of food.

Nonetheless this is a nutrient that can be obtained from food, provided your nutrition contains the right elements.

The heme kind of iron is ready to be absorbed by the organism, but it can only be found in meat, which is bad news for vegetarians.


Beetroot juice as anemia food

This is made from raw beetroot and it can be added to just any green drink. Besides iron there are a lot of different nutrients that you can find in it. Although they go through the juicing process, they are still easier to absorb than the synthetic nutrients. It is interesting to know that beetroot was used to treat cancer in the past.

Curry powder

When it comes to diet for anemia this is something that you definitely have to think about.

Nonetheless keep in mind that there are many different recipes for curry powder and so we cannot determine how much iron it has. The average quantity is supposed to be about 50 mg-60 mg in 100 g of powder.

Fermented foods

These foods for anemia include tempe, miso and bean pastes, all of them being rich in iron. As an added bonus they are also rich in the bacteria that make it easier for the organism to absorb the nutrient. This means that the body can make the best of the iron that it receives.

Green drinks and foods as part of anemia nutrition

These are essential for an anemia diet. Besides iron they are also rich in folic acid. Make sure that you consume some dandelion leaves, watercress and brassicas.

Spinach and brassicas are rich in iron, but they also contain oxalic acid that prevents the minerals from being absorbed by the body.

As a result these aren’t the best foods for anemia, contrary to the common belief. When being faced with anemia it is a good idea to look for foods that are rich in vitamin C because it facilitates the absorption of iron in the organism. Some of the foods that should be taken into consideration include green pepper, parsley, kale, carrots and asparagus.


Believe it or not, the nutrition for anemia should also contain herbs such as nettle. This is because it is high in iron and also in vitamin C among other nutritional elements that can really help with anemia. Some other herbs that you should consider include bilberry, alfalfa, dandelion, cherry, mullein, red raspberry and yellow dock.

Another thing to think about regarding foods for anemia, especially in case of pregnant women, is to have some Rooibos tea. This could be used if there are high chances for the baby not to have enough iron. During this time it is best to avoid Oregon grape root and goldenseal.

There are some other foods for anemia as well that you should know about such as pinto beans and kidney beans.