Fibromyalgia is a condition that is most often diagnosed among women and as often, it is the case of people disbelieving their very real symptoms. Fibromyalgia is often not diagnosed, because very often women are thought to be over stating their symptoms and their severity.

fibromyalgiaA survey conducted a few years ago, found that up to 25% of sufferers had said that their health care provider simply did not believe that they had a real medical condition. This is because many doctors actually believe that fibromyalgia is not even a real condition. There is also a lot of stigma attached to this condition.

There are even cases of a diagnosis being made as many as 20 years after the patient first experiencing the severe pain and other symptoms associated with the condition. In fact, some practitioners actually point their patients in the direction of a psychiatrist.

There can also be self blame attached to the condition, which may cause women to withdraw and refrain from discussing their condition with anyone. Ultimately it can cause a person to actually withdraw from society.

Being a relatively new condition, Fibromyalgia still invites skepticism and also remains difficult to treat.