It is interesting to know about the female heart attack symptoms that women could have the first symptoms a month before they actually have a heart attack.

The most common symptoms include shortness of breath and sleep disturbance.

Chest pain as one of the symptoms of female heart attack

We have to note that only 30% of the affected women reported having chest pain before a heart attack. Even more, 43% of the women say that they never had chest pain before or during the attack.

However the majority of the doctors say that chest pain is the most important symptom of a heart attack in both genders.

female-heart-attack-symptomsA study performed in 2003 was among the first one to investigate the signs of female heart attack. This is an important study because if we know the symptoms maybe we can prevent the attack.

It is also important to know that the symptoms of women are somewhat different from those experienced by men.

According to the study, the female heart attack symptoms include some symptoms that people can experience on a daily basis. These include sleep disturbances, indigestion or weakness in the arms.

These symptoms were recognized by a lot of women who took part in the study.

Naturally we have to add regarding the female heart attack signs that there is considerable variability of the severity and the frequency of the symptoms, there is need for further research regarding the point at which these symptoms are able to predict a heart attack or other event of this kind.

Less predictable symptoms

It is more and more clear that the female heart attack symptoms are different from the symptoms of men.

It is one of the goals of the study to show people that heart attacks can have a wide range of different kinds of symptoms. It is important not to oversee the earliest symptoms because heart attacks are the most common causes of death in case of both women and men.

Symptoms prior to the heart attack

You should know that the most common warning signs of a female heart attack include unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, anxiety sleep disturbance, and indigestion. We have to note that these were reported by women and it is possible that they didn’t recognize some of the changes.

Symptoms during the heart attack

In this case the female heart attack symptoms include shortness of breath, cold sweats, weakness, unusual fatigue, and dizziness. In this case the results are more accurate because during a heart attack people pay more attention to the things that they are feeling than before the heart attack.

We can see that besides the ‘traditional’ female heart attack warning signs there are some others as well. If you see any of these you should make sure that you pay more attention to your health.

As you can see there are a lot of female heart attack symptoms and it is possible that you will experience some other symptoms as well besides these.