Researchers from King’s College, London have said that those who have facial moles are likely to have sturdier bones, and several other health benefits.

facial molesIt would seem that those of us who have moles are genetically different from others, and these moles could mean that the person enjoys tauter muscles, stronger bones, and hence lesser chances of having osteoporosis, fewer wrinkles in old age, sharper vision, and even a healthier heart!

Though moles are associated with cancer risk when exposed to sunlight, these many benefits may outweigh the risks.

The researchers studied 1,200 non identical female twins and found that those who had more than 100 moles would be only half as likely to have certain health problems such as osteoporosis when compared with others who had less than 25 moles.

Moles occur due to rapidly dividing cells which produce the dark color in the skin that characterizes the moles. Those who have many moles are known to produce certain kinds of white blood cells, which allow them to live longer before they start to degrade.

This connection between moles and health benefits has been recorded in different parts of the world and has been observed in men and women equally.