The psychological stress during middle age may lead to the development of dementia.

This is what the research conducted by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden shows after the first study in the country, establishing a link between stress and Alzheimer’s disease.

Women DemetiaThe object of the study was a group of women from Gothenburg, all 35 years old.

The scientists found out that women who are exposed to everyday stress are developing dementia when they reach the age of 60.

Stress is defined as irritation, tension, nervous, anxiety or fear. The stress is also identified with the inability of a person to sleep normally for more than a month because of problems at work, health worries or family issues.

During the many years of study, nearly 161 participants developed dementia, mainly in its form of Alzheimer’s disease.

The risk of disease was 65% greater in women who repeatedly have reported periods of stress in middle age than in those who did not experience similar problems.

This is the first study that shows that stress at middle age can lead to dementia in older years of life.

Sadly, the women are more vulnerable than men. The chronic stress can increase the appearance of many others diseases.

Such diseases are: gastric ulcer, gastritis, chronic colitis and others. Stress can be accompanied by various others symptoms such as anxiety, depression, anger, irritability and tension.

There are also behavioral changes such as: changes in appetite, sleep, impaired concentration, memory loss.

The conclusion of the professionals is that stress is to blame for many of the serious diseases, linked to the human brain. Therefore, try to avoid stressful situations that can cause you serious issues.

However, stress is a versatile companion in everyday life. This leads to distortions in our body and mental functioning that may appear in the form of various diseases, so try to take time to relax and have fun.