You might have never thought how many celebrities are out there that have to struggle with eating disorders. We always see them looking perfect, but there is a lot going on in their lives, and we all know the saying: ‘Not everything that glitters is gold’.

Nicole Richie

In case you take a look at the photos that have been taken of her you might see that most probably she is struggling with anorexia. It looks like her case is relatively severe, and we also have to add that she has some problems with alcohol and cocaine use as well.

Celebrity Eating Disorders Britney Spears

It is true that she’s been through some tough times, especially after her divorce from wannabe rapper, Kevin Federline. It is known that she had some trouble with drinking, and she went to rehab, but people also noticed that she’s been eating a lot. Luckily for her, things have changed since then and she seems to have managed to gain her old looks back.

Ashlee Simpson

She is one of the few celebrities who openly admitted that she used to have an eating disorder in her pre-teen years, and she also stated that one of the causes of this might have been that she was surrounded by a lot of girls with problems of this kind.

Keira Knightley

Although there are only some rumors according to which she might be battling with anorexia, it isn’t debatable that she has a very skinny figure. She said that there have been cases of anorexia in her family and it would be easy for her to recognize the signs.

Lindsay Lohan

We all know that she had a lot of problems including with alcohol and drugs, and people also noticed her too skinny figure, and so there are a lot of people saying that there might be an eating disorder that she is struggling with, like anorexia. Nonetheless she is vehemently denying these accusations, maybe a bit too vehemently.

Kate Moss

It is said that the world famous model had to struggle with not only anorexia, but also with drug abuse. She has been modeling for numerous well-known brands and products, and she came to a fall in 2001 when she got to the hospital because of drug induced coma.

As we can see, the celebritiesalso have their fair share of problems, but they seem to find a way to deal with them. There are a lot of resources online that state and discuss various drug and alcohol abuse facts and info concerning celebrities.