Before thinking about the disease of the circulatory system, you should know that circulatory system is one of the most important systems of the organism.

This is because it has vital activities. It is made of the blood vessels, blood and heart.

These elements have a huge role to play in the functioning of the heart. As the heart pumps the blood, the nutrients reach the organs.

Common circulatory system diseases

The main function of the circulatory system is to supply the cells and the tissue of the body with hormones, oxygen and other kinds of vital nutrients.

disease-of-the-circulatory-systemIn the same time, it also replaces carbon dioxide with oxygen. An irregularity leads to medical conditions.


This disorder of the circulatory system is characterized by chest pain and discomfort. This is caused by a lack of blood and oxygen supply of the heart muscles.

We can say that it is caused by irregularities of the blood vessel construction. The condition is usually considered to be a sign of heart attack.


This disease of the circulatory system has as its major symptom in an irregular heart rhythm. This means that the heart beats abnormally, faster or slower than it should.

In the majority of the cases, this is a congenital problem and it is the result of a heart defect. Based on the severity of the problem, it could be treated with medication and surgical procedures.


Atherosclerosis is also a circulatory system disorder. This is caused by the accumulation of fatty tissue on the walls of the blood vessels mostly in case of the arteries. As a result, the arteries are mostly affected by the problem. With time the walls of the vessels harden and they become less elastic.


This disease of the circulatory system is caused by the weakening of the myocardium or the heart muscle. In the early stages, only the muscles of the lower heart chamber are damaged. If the problem isn’t treated, the upper chambers will also be affected. In severe cases, the problem can lead to heart failure and death.

Congenital heart defect

Just as the name suggests, this circulatory system problem is already present at birth and it could be mild or severe. It may be an abnormal or incomplete heart development that results in a heart murmur in case of babies. At the moment the specialists don’t know the exact cause of the problem. Sometimes it is caused by genetic abnormalities.

Coronary artery disease

This disease of the circulatory system is also known as coronary heart disease and it is the most common circulatory problem in case of adults. The cause of the problem is an accumulation of plaque on the walls of the blood vessels that results in a decrease of the blood volume that reaches the heart.


The circulatory system dysfunction is also known as high blood pressure.

You can never know when you get affected by disease of the circulatory system so take care of yourself by adopting a healthy lifestyle .