Diabetes is a condition that affects more people than you would think. There are 2 types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 requires insulation and is commonly something diagnosed at a young age. Type 2 is often something that is developed later in life and is linked to those who are overweight. There are some common signs of diabetes in women that you should look out for to make sure you are healthy.

The Most Common Signs of Diabetes in Women

One of the most common signs is the need to drink a lot. Those with diabetes will drink water but still need more later on. This is common and is a noticeable sign. However, this is also something that women will ignore and believe that it just means that she is dehydrated.

Signs of Diabetes in WomenFrequent urination is also linked to diabetes and may be because of the need to drink a lot more. This is extremely common and is something that you should look out for. The problem is that frequent urination can also be linked to many other problems or conditions, including pregnancy and urinary tract infections.

Due to the problem of the sugar glucose changing, the vision is commonly affected. It often leads to dizzy spells or not being able to see clearly. This is extremely dangerous and something that you should have checked out immediately. The problem with vision problems is that they can also be linked to some other problems, including problems with the brain.

Vaginal Signs of Diabetes

Some of the more common signs of diabetes in women include conditions and problems around the vagina. A common occurrence is infections, which are often in the vaginal area or in the urinary tract. Common yeast infections are common, but will not instantly link to a problem of diabetes. This is something that your doctor should keep an eye on and warn you about if you have many in a short space of time.

Itchy skin around the vagina is also common. There is no link to why this may occur but it could be something to do with the skin becoming irritable as the circulation is poor. There may also be sores that form around the area too, which often leads to irritation and itchiness.

Calling a Doctor

There are times when you should call your doctor as soon as you have the signs of diabetes in women. This is especially the case if you are suffering from nausea and weakness for no reason. You should also see your doctor if you are a thirsty constantly but are tired all day and night.

Frequent urination and any pain while passing water is something that your doctor should be informed about.

There are some conditions and symptoms that will not be common but something that doctors will be able to use to diagnose the problem. The first is linked to breathing. Shallow and rapid breaths or very slow breathing are both linked to diabetes and are very serious symptoms. A rapid heartbeat is also a sign that diabetes is a problem.

Hypoglycemia is one type of diabetes in women. This is known as low blood sugar and leads to women requiring a snack or a sugary drink to help with balancing the levels. This is something that you should only do if you have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia because there are chances that you have high blood sugar – eating sweets or having a drink during the day will lead to an increase in the blood sugar, which is dangerous.

Testing for Diabetes

Once you have seen the doctor with signs of diabetes in women, your doctor will want to do some tests. These are often done soon to be able to confirm the possibility. There are other tests that may be done afterwards to confirm the form of treatment that is required.

These tests have been done on a regular basis and are now common practice for doctors. They are done under clinical testing and offer accurate results 99.9 percent of the time. Of course, there are times that testing can be inaccurate, which is what many of the follow up tests are for and is why you will go through a variety of tests to start off with.