The main point of diabetes mellitus treatment is to keep the glucose level of the blood under control, close to the normal levels. Diabetes increases the risks of having heart diseasesand also peripheral artery disease and this is why it is very important to control the blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as part of the treatment for diabetes mellitus.

Dietary management and physical activity

The first steps to make towards reducing the blood sugar level and so treating diabetes mellitus is to modify the eating habits and to increase the physical activity. People with such a condition should work with their doctor and a professional dietician to create a suitable dietary plan.


Those people who have type 1 diabetes must have several insulin injections on a daily basis in order to maintain he right insulin levels, this being the right diabetes mellitus treatment.

In the same time people with type 2 diabetes might also have to have insulin injections. Injections can be received through a pump about the size of a pager and people usually wear it on their belt. Insulin is injected through a small tube that is inserted under the skin.

There are four main kinds of insulin used for treating diabetes mellitus: rapid-acting, short-acting, intermediate-acting and long-acting.

The doctor will tell you about the dosage that you need and how often you need it. There is no standard dosage, because it depends on your body weight, eating habits, how often you exercise and also the amount of insulin that the body produces.

Oral medications

When thinking about diabetes mellitus treatment in case of type 2 diabetes we have to take into consideration that the blood sugar levels could remain high even though the patient has a healthy nutrition and also performs physical exercise. In such cases it is possible that treating diabetes mellitus happens in the form of pills.

These kinds of medications work in different kinds of ways. Some of them improve the effectiveness of the insulin produced by the body while others reduce the blood sugar production. Also some of the pills inhibit blood sugar absorption. In some cases the oral medication is taken together with the use of insulin.

What can you do?

If you have to consider diabetes mellitus treatment, there are some things that you can do on your own as well. Start with moderating or eliminating alcohol consumption. Try to limit the number of alcoholic drinks that you have to seven per week and never have more than two or three in one evening. In case you consume more alcohol, you might increase your chances to getting type 2 diabetes. Nonetheless you shouldn’t forget that giving up alcohol isn’t really a treatment for diabetes mellitus.

Smoking is another thing that you should give up in case you have been diagnosed having diabetes. Also give up any kind of tobacco because it increases the risks of having complications. Still you should know that this isn’t an actual diabetes mellitus treatment either but rather a helping hand you choose to give your body when it had to deal with this particular health issue.