We all know that the people of today are exposed to many different toxins from various sources, and there is need to get rid of them. A good way is said to be through keeping a detox diet. Although this sounds really good, according to the doctors the disadvantages could outnumber the advantages, because during the diet the body gets deprived of minerals, electrolytes and vitamins.

Nonetheless besides detox, these diets also offer weight loss.

Detox DietRaw food

It is a known fact that through cooking the food loses its enzymes and this is why we should eat them raw. Such a diet includes having vegetables, fruits, seeds and whole grains.

There are several levels to choose from, and you can also have some other kinds of food as well, like eggs or fish in case of some levels. Such a diet has been used by Beyonce, Demi Moore and David Bowie.


Master Cleanse is a diet that has been created during the 1940s and it is most well-known for the fact that Beyonce used it to lose 20 pounds for her Dreamgirls role. The main point of the diet is to drink 6-12 glasses of a special mixture for 10-45 days. This mixture is made of water, maple syrup, lemonade and cayenne pepper.

It is said that all of the ingredients have a special purpose. Lemon juice is used for detoxification; maple syrup adds taste and energy and cayenne pepper is used for boosting the metabolism.

Besides drinking this mixture, the user also has to take laxatives on a daily basis. Keep in mind that through such a diet you are starving and that could result in health issues.

People known to have been using the diet include David Blaine, Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, Ashanti, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Demi stated that she used the diet only for four days.

Cabbage soup

In case you like this kind of food, this is just the right diet for you. You can have all the cabbage soup that you want, along with fruits, skim milk and vegetables for seven days.

Cabbage is known to have detoxifying effects because of dietary fiber and it is said that you will lose 10 pounds. Nonetheless this is only water loss that you will regain very fast after you stop. Celebrities who have tried the method include Jamie Pressly and also Bill Clinton.

For a more powerful cleanse, you may want to try an herbal fiber supplement designed for colon detoxification. Fiber makes a great cleanse because it helps sweep impacted wastes and toxins from the digestive tract yet won’t disrupt your metabolism like fasts or juice cleanses.

Whatever method of cleansing you choose, be sure to drink plenty of purified water.