Before thinking about the contact dermatitis symptoms you should know that this is a kind of skin inflammation that appears as a result of different substances touching your skin and the skin having an allergic reaction. The itchy and red rash isn’t contagious and it isn’t life threatening either.


Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis

In case you are thinking about the symptoms of the problem, you should know that these could vary according to the cause of the problem. It is possible for a person to experience different kinds of symptoms over time. The allergic reactions can appear suddenly but they can also appear months after getting in contact with the irritant.

What to Know About the Contact Dermatitis Signs?

Usually the signs of dermatitis appear on the hands. However, the cosmetics, hair products and the perfumes can also lead to skin reactions of the head, face and neck. In many cases women experience the symptoms because of jewelry that they are allergic to.

Common Symptoms

The most common one of the contact dermatitis symptoms is itching in the contact area. If you have contact dermatitis, the itching can turn out to be quite severe. If the irritant causing the problem stays in contact with the skin for longer periods of time, you may also experience pain or a burning sensation.

Allergic Dermatitis

When thinking about the signs of contact dermatitis you should know that it can cause a streaky, patchy or red rash in the place where the skin got in contact with the substance. In this case the reaction can be delayed and it may take 24-48 hours before the rash appears.

Be Prepared

If you think you notice the contact dermatitis symptoms, you might have red bumps that could develop into weeping and moist blisters, the rash can be tender and moist and it may drain, ooze or crust. In some cases the rash becomes raw, scaly or thickened.

Irritant Dermatitis

The warning signs of contact dermatitis aren’t pleasant, not even in case of irritant dermatitis. If you have this problem you can expect to have rough, red and dry skin. It is possible to develop cuts on the hands and the skin may get inflamed if it is exposed to the irritant for longer periods of time.

Now that you know what to expect from the contact dermatitis symptoms, you know what signs to keep an eye out for to recognize the possible signs.