The contact dermatitis is a hypersensitive reaction which comes as a result after the direct contact of the skin with some allergenic factors.

contact dernatitisThe difference between contact dermatitis and regular allergies is that dermatitis can appear once and not repeat itself unlike the common allergy.

The contact dermatitis presents itself like a portion of the skin colored in red and filled with blister like vesicles which pop drying into a crust.

The skin affected by contact dermatitis becomes extremely itchy and the affection can last from 24 hours to several weeks unless the cause is removed and the treatment applied as soon as possible.

Here are the most common substances likely to be behind a case of contact dermatitis.


This metal is frequently used in jewelry. The earrings containing nickel are a frequent cause of contact dermatitis which leads to a severe irritation of the ear lobe.

Even the needles used for piercing can cause this type of allergy.  The nickel is present in the zippers and staples and if they come in contact with the skin, the allergic reaction can be amplified by perspiration.


The latex or the rubber based products are a frequent cause for contact dermatitis. This material is found on surgical and cleaning gloves but also in certain clothing elements such as bras and hosiery but also in the adhesive used for shoes.


This is an ingredient which is found in the permanent hair dye. A quarter of the people allergic to Phenylenediamine will develop an allergy to the other ingredients present in the hair dye chemical composition.

However, these persons can use products for temporary hair coloration, but these can also cause a small skin reaction related to contact dermatitis.


The Chrome is a chemical element also responsible for contact dermatitis mainly caused by the contact with cement, certain types of matches and paint used to color clothing and footwear.