Be attentive women! You are at increased risk of developing chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you have any previous episodes of infection such as any viral illness or cold, then you are more probable to get this chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Chronic fatigue syndrome is considered as the most complicated health disorder in women, which is mainly characterized with extreme weakness or fatigue.

It can be highly impossible for you to improve well with chronic fatigue syndrome with simple bed rest. Rather, it can turn into worse condition when your body experiences any extreme physical or mental activity.chronic fatigue syndrome

Response of your body with chronic fatigue syndrome!

Most of the women with this CFS experiences fatigue that can usually last for a longtime. Certain manifestations of this chronic fatigue syndrome can typically include sore throat, headaches or you can also feel tender pain in your neck. At times, you can also experience pain that generally moves from one joint to other without any swelling or redness on its outer surface.

Some of you can repeatedly lose memory and ability to pay attention or you can also experience trouble in sleeping. At times, you can also feel extreme tiredness after working out any exercises, which can last for more than a day.

These symptoms of CFS can actually start after recovering from any kind of illness in your body such as cold or any viral infection. It can also immediately start after a short period of high stress. It would also takes place gradually without any clear initiating point or even with any certain cause. In certain cases, CFS can even last for few months to years.

Learn how to manage chronic fatigue syndrome!

Apart from following your regular rehabilitation medicines prescribed by your doctor, try to follow these simple self care measures in order to manage CFS effectively. These self care measures not only help you to manage chronic fatigue syndrome, but they can also help you to maintain better general health.

  • Find ways to reduce your stress: Develop a better plan to limit your over-excitation and also to avoid emotional stress. Allot certain time for relaxation in your regular busy schedule.
  • Practice regular body workouts: Many people usually find exercises such as swimming, aerobics and walking to be very helpful. Even stretching and several relaxation exercises can help you greatly in managing the symptoms of CFS. A physical therapist can help you significantly to develop a routine home-exercise program.
  • Try to get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is very essential for you to manage the symptoms of CFS. In addition to allotting enough time for your sleep, try to practice better sleep habits like going to bed early and waking up at the same time every day to help you a lot.

So, try to follow these essential self care measures and try to eat well balanced food and increase your intake of fluids and maintain a better healthy life style.


  1. Actually, exercise is one of the worst things you can do to yourself if you have CFS/ME. It is dangerous, even life-threatening. Many people are now in wheelchair (or completely paralyzed and tube-fed) because they pursued aerobic exercise when their bodies told them not to.

    Fortunately, CFS/ME can be effectively treated in most cases. Rest and stress reduction are the best therapies, but medications can help too. For example, my book “Reviving the Broken Marionette: Treatments for CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia” lists over 250 medications that can be used to treat these illnesses.

    Without medication I, too, would be in wheelchair. One of my best friends is. She also has severe vision impairment caused by CFS/ME. She can barely take a few steps and if she exerts herself too much, she will be bedbound for days or weeks and cannot even eat without help. Luckily she’s finally able to try proper medications.

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