Although you may think that in the world of celebrities it is always sunny, you should know that they also have their problems, just as any other person.

Such problems include agoraphobia that is a kind of social phobia. Although this can be difficult to cope with, celebrities have to learn to make the best of it.

Naomi Judd(photo credit:

Paula Deen

The whole world knows her for her cooking, and you would have never thought that she has agoraphobia. When she had to move to Savannah because of her husband’s job she was afraid of leaving not just her hometown, but even her house. This is when she started focusing on cooking that later made her a star.

Kim Basinger

She moved to Hollywood to follow her dreams, but then she realized that she didn’t like people looking at her body. This is why she wore baggy clothes and she didn’t get the parts she wanted. She said that she has been living with fear her entire life, which led to panic attacks and anxiety, but she learned to beat her fear.

Barbara Streisand

The singer is known for her powerful vocal performances, but a few people know that one time she forgot the lyrics and that she kept her away from the stage for almost 30 years.

This incident scared her so much that she gave up singing for many years to make sure that this wouldn’t happen again. During the 1990s she beat her fear and returned to the stage more powerful than ever before.

Sally Field

Although you may think that she can’t possibly have problems of this kind since her career in Hollywood spans almost 40 years, at the beginning she struggled with low self-esteem and a fear of crowds. She had panic attacks in that period.

Naomi Judd

She had her hard times as well, but now she says that people need to realize that a panic attack doesn’t last forever and that nobody ever died of it. She says that depression medication really helped her.