The advantage that the celebrities have is that they have people who follow them and this is why it is a lot easier for them to actively and efficiently support a cause. The good news is that their majority really does something for the rest of the people.

Celebrities and the Health Causes

Brooke Shields

She is supporting postpartum depression. This is because in 2003, she gave birth to the first child, and later, she recognized that she has to be fighting with postpartum depression. This is a problem that affects about 10%-15% of women who recently gave birth. Although a lot of people think that this isn’t a serious condition, Brooke started talking about it in her book.

Jennifer Garner

There is another interesting cause that celebrities support, namely influenza vaccination. The actress is working together with the American Lung Association. Her role is to raise the awareness of people that there are about 36,000 people who die of the flu every year. Her mean objective is to get people immunized.

Mandy Moore

One of the most serious conditions of them all is malaria, and this is why the actress cum singer is working with Population Service International. The truth about the organization is that it is working with different kinds of conditions, including malaria, reproductive health and HIV. The ambassador made numerous trips to different lands and she is helping through offering aid and through talking about her own experiences.

Melissa Etheridge

Breast cancer is one of the most serious conditions affecting women, and celebrities are no exceptions. The singer has been diagnosed having the condition in 2004. Later, after months of radiation and chemotherapy, she appeared at the Grammy Awards with no hair or wig, and she had that famous performance. She is offering financial help to 2 of the organizations to fight breast cancer.

Suzanne Somers

Over health and beauty is important for women and this is why she is promoting in her book on the bioidentical hormones. It is a known fact that the hormone replacement therapy can reverse the process of aging. According to her, with the help of this procedure menopause can become easier for women if they have perfect hormonal sync.

Katie Couric

Since her husband passed away because of colon cancer, she is trying to make sure that no other person will have to get through the same situations. She broadcasted the colonoscopy that she had in order to raise the awareness of people.