In case you are faced with constant urination, it is also possible that you will be bothered in your concentration, resulting in lack of sleep and thus, a decrease of productivity.

There are some common causes of this problem, such as hormonal changes or bladder disorders. An overactive bladder could also cause problems.

Hormones as a cause of frequent urination

There are numerous reasons for which the hormone levels could change in case of women. These causes include pregnancy, menopause or childbirth. The changes make the bladder lose its elasticity. As a result it won’t be able to stretch as much as it should and you will have to use the restroom more often.


Constant UrinationFrequent urination could also be caused by a disease or medical condition. There are several different conditions that could make you feel a constant need to urinate, including diabetes, chronic kidney disease or tumors on the uterus, bladder or ovaries. The tumors could constrict your bladder.


In case you are affected by an infection, it is possible to be faced with constant urination. In this case usually it is painful to urinate and it is often accompanied by a foul smell.

It is possible that the urine looks cloudy or it also has blood in it. These symptoms could indicate urinary tract infection.


The frequent urination could be caused by a blockage in your bladder, such as stones in your bladder or kidneys. Other causes could be constipation or the growth of the uterus during pregnancy. All these make it more difficult to completely eliminate the urine and so you will have to use the restroom more often.


There are some sexually transmitted diseases that could cause constant urination. These include chlamydia, herpes and gonorrhea.

Just as the name suggests, they can be contracted through sexual intercourse, and just as you have been infected, you could infect other people.


We all know that there are multiple aspects of your lives that are affected by stress, and it could also cause frequent urination. In case this is a problem that you have to deal with at your workplace, you should know that you can hold urine longer than you might think, so for sure you can wait until the end of the meeting.


Constant urination could cause some complications, such as developing incontinence. You could also be affected at a psychological level. The mental health complications include clinical depression, a decrease of the self-confidence or even social withdrawal.


There are some things that you could do about frequent urination, such as consuming less alcoholic beverages or beverages containing caffeine. To make sure that you won’t have to wake up during the night to go to the toilet, you shouldn’t drink liquids before going to bed. You could also come up with a schedule for the use of the toilet.

In case you have problems with constant urination then you should tell your doctor about these problems to find a solution.