So many women suffer through painful, inconvenient and embarrassing boils in the groin area, either being too embarrassed to seek treatment for them or thinking that the pustules are just something that have to be lived with.

What is a boil?

A local infection or an abscess is colloquially called a boil. When the skin gets chafed and inflamed, or a hair follicle is infected, bacteria and white blood cells collect and pus forms beneath the skin, bacterial vaginosis forming a painful raised surface or a boil.

Boil down

Often boils are seen due to the infection of sweat glands in the armpit or the groin area. Some boils are serious enough to need medical attention or surgical drainage; some break and drain on their own.

To begin with, a boil could be a firm, reddened swollen skin surface that looks inflamed and is painful as well. As the body’s immune system fights the infection, the center could become soft and visibly pus filled and causes visible distention of the skin.

As and when the boil bursts or is drained, there is discharge of pus probably along with some blood, but in most cases there is an immediate relief from the pain.

What causes boils?

Most commonly, ingrown hair, blocked or infected sweat glands or constant irritation of the skin, cuts, scrapes can cause boils. Many women get boils, but certain medical conditions that negatively impact the body’s immune response or certain medications may increase the incidence of boils.

Can you prevent boils?

It is possible to try and reduce the incidence of boils by taking extra care of hygiene and perhaps by using antibacterial soaps to reduce the bacteria build up in the skin.

Using an exfoliating scrub or sponge on the skin could help slough off dead skin and bacteria helping to prevent formation of boils.

Sometimes doctors may prescribe certain types of prescription washes or cleansers to prevent boils from occurring. Wearing clothing that does chafe and cause irritation is another way to try and avoid the appearance of boils and abscesses.

Heat application is usually the best home remedy for boils. Hot packs or soaks can help bring the antibodies in the blood stream to the surface of the skin and thereby help the body fight infection. The heat also helps to drain boils naturally. Topical applications and medications such those used for treating acne can also help reduce inflammation and to resolve boils.

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