An important issue is raised that is the root cause of eating disorders, which afflicts four times as many women as breast cancer. Among the many sensitive issues touched on were:

  • Girls in their teens and preteens have body image issues
  • It is unusual to find a girl who is unconcerned with looking like the ‘perfect’ models in magazines and other media.
  • Women actually struggle to be some mythical shape and size; it is a battle that never endseating disorders
  • The idea is to make women, particularly young girls that thin is not an ideal and healthy
  • When a question is asked “would you rather gain a hundred pounds or lose a hand” the answer is not immediate or obvious. It is shocking that girls have to actually needed time to think!
  • Barbie is completely unrealistic, and model pictures are usually digitally enhanced. These factors in modern culture can be really misleading.
  • The focus unfortunately, is on being thin rather than on studies and on being healthy.
  • It is important to realize that thin is not equal to healthy; though there are ‘thin’ messages all around.
  • A positive body image is inextricably linked with self esteem and consequently eating disorders.

Source: carrollcountytimes