Before talking about bladder pain we have to think about what the bladder is. This organ can be found in the lower part of the abdomen and it has the job of storing urine.

As it gets filled, the muscles relax to expand the bladder, and during urination the bladder muscles contract in order to squeeze the urine through the urethra.

Interstitial cysts and pain in the bladder

This is a chronic illness as a result of which the organ gets irritated and inflamed. Because of it the walls of the bladder become stiff and so it cannot expand as the urine level increases. The cause of the condition could be a defect of the lining of the bladder.

Truth About Bladder PainThe most important symptom is pain in the bladder which is worst when the bladder fills with urine and it gets better when the bladder is emptied.

The pain affects the  abdomen, lower back and the perineal area. The people affected by the condition usually have to urinate more often, but usually they pass only little urine.

Regarding the diagnosis of this cause of bladder pain is by checking for all the other illnesses that could cause the same symptoms, like vaginal infection, urinary tract infection, cancer and kidney stones.

To diagnose the condition you will have a physical exam and your doctor will inspect your medical history.

Bladder instillation

This is one of the treatments for this kind of pain in the bladder. During it there is a tube inserted into the bladder, which is filled with different substances, like local anesthetic and steroids. You have to hold the liquid and later release it. It is possible that you have to repeat the treatment several times. The treatment helps by treating the inflammation and treating the pain.

Bladder distention

This is another treatment for bladder pain. It is performed while the patient is asleep. The doctor inserts fluid into the bladder to stretch the walls of it. This can be used to diagnose the condition. The treatment can also be used to make pain better. It can also increase the size of the bladder. In order to reduce the pain in the bladder the treatment also interferes with the nerve signals that transmit the feeling of pain.

Nerve stimulation

In some cases of bladder pain patient the treatment helps to reduce the pain and to reduce the frequency of urinating. Through the treatment there are electrical impulses sent to the nerve that controls the bladder.

The advantage of the treatment is that it can strengthen the bladder’s muscles and it could support the release of hormones that suppress pain.


If you are faced with pain in the bladder and no treatment seems to be working, it is possible that your doctor will suggest you to have a surgery. In the majority of the cases this treatment method is used only as a last result.


There are some changes you could have in your lifestyle to make the bladder pain better. There are some foods, like citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate, coffee, and alcohol that could make the pain better. In order to find which foods make the condition better, it is a good idea to have a journal of everything that you eat. In case the pain in the bladder gets worse you should try to find a pattern in your nutrition.

Bladder retaining

This is a treatment option if you often feel an urge to urinate. Keep track of when you have to use the bathroom. Try to increase the time period between the trips. In the end you will be able to hold urine for long periods of times.

Stress management

Those people who are affected by bladder pain say that in case they are exposed to stress, mental, physical or emotional, the symptoms that they experience get worse.

Pelvic floor exercises

To manage the symptoms of the pain in the bladder you could release and squeeze the muscles of the bladder. In order to find the right muscles to work with, you could ask for the help of a doctor or a nurse.

As it has been mentioned, there are some other causes of bladder pain as well, that need other treatment methods.