Let’s face it: there are only a few problems that are more embarrassing than the bladder control problems. While in some cases it is only you that knows about the problems, in other cases it might become obvious for the people around you as well.


You should know that this is one of the symptoms of problems of bladder control. It refers to a leakage that is uncontrollable from the bladder.

There are a lot of other signs and symptoms that could describe the problem.

Bladder Control ProblemsUrgency

This refers to the feeling that you have to urinate very soon. Nonetheless in case you go to the toilet you will see that it has been a ‘false alarm’ and that there isn’t so much urine that you have to get rid of.

Hesitancy as one of the problems of bladder control

Even though you may not know what it means, maybe you have experienced it before. This is the case when you find it difficult to pass the urine down the urine stream.


Maybe this is one of the most bothersome bladder control problems. It is not comfortable to leave your office every ten minutes just because you have to go to the toilet (again).


Although the other problems of bladder control are just bothersome and maybe embarrassing, this one is also painful because it refers to a burning sensation when urinating. The problem is associated in the majority of the cases with an infection of the urinary tract.


This could be the scariest bladder control problems. It means that you find some blood in the urine. Sometimes it may be difficult to see it, but many women find it in their underwear or when they are using toilet paper.


Wishing to have a good night’s sleep? Because of this one of the problems of bladder control this seems to be impossible because you keep waking up just to pay a visit to the toilet.


Women are used to the fact that they can walk away from the toilet after they are finished urinating, but because of this problem the urine continues to dribble or drip even after you are finished.


There are several different causes for this one of the bladder control problems. It might be connected to a nerve problem, blockage, or other unknown causes. It is quite common among children younger than 3 years, but about 15% of children between the ages of 3 and 5 still experience it. 1% of the children experience bedwetting even when they get older.

Functional incontinence

The truth is that this isn’t really one of the problems of bladder control. In the majority of the cases it happens when people simply don’t make it in time to the toilet. It is also possible that people don’t know that they have to use the toilet because of a mental disability of some kind.

Now you may know a lot more about bladder control problems and you could recognize them.