In case you are thinking about what are good foods for anemia most probably you already know that anemia is the condition which results in the affected person having fewer red blood cells to transport oxygen to the organs than normal.

As a result he or she could be affected by shortness of breath, fatigue, pale complexion and chest pain.


Iron and foods good for anemia

One of the different kinds of anemia is the one induced by the lack of iron in the body. As a result the body isn’t able to produce enough hemoglobin to transport the nutrients and the oxygen to the tissues of your body. This is why you might be affected by the symptoms of anemia. If this is the case, you should have foods that are high in iron.

When thinking about what foods to have for anemia, make sure that you don’t forget about red meats, chicken, eggs, and turkey. There are also different kinds of foods that are fortified with iron, like cereals and breads. If you have these foods, you will be able to increase your iron levels.

Vitamin C

Some specialists say that in order to correct the problem, the ideal foods for anemia might not be enough. It is possible that the affected people will also have to take iron supplements. It is a known fact that vitamin C can help the body to absorb more iron, so you need this as well.

This means that when asking “what are good foods for anemia?”, you also have to think about the foods that are high in vitamin C, such as strawberries, oranges, limes, lemons, broccoli, grapefruits and spinach. In fact it means that you should have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lack of Vitamin B12

Another type of anemia that you could have is the one caused by the lack of vitamin B12. As a matter of fact, in this case you have to look for good foods for anemia because you don’t have enough vitamin B12 in your organism. You will have to eat foods rich in this vitamin so that your body will be able to produce healthier red blood cells.

If you are asking what are good foods for anemia in this case, you should consider red meat, poultry, shellfish, eggs and dairy products. Remember that this vitamin can only be found in the products that come from animals.