At this moment Adele is known as one of the best artists of the year, even more, she has become a bestseller of 2011. And then lightning struck: she has canceled her second tour in the country and she hasn’t announced yet when she is planning to return to the stage.

According to her, in case she doesn’t give herself enough time to heal and she goes on picking up different problems on the go, she will be in big trouble. She says that there is nothing more important in her life than singing, and this is why she has to make sure that she will get better. Otherwise she risks having permanent damages to her voice.

Adele Vocal HemorrhageA lot of professionals are saying that she doesn’t require the long break that she is taking. The health problem that she has is known as vocal hemorrhage.

Nonetheless it is known that the artist had a lot of problems in the past as well, and this is why it is possible that she will have to go through the same operation Steven Tyler had in 2006.

Professionals say that this problem isn’t that serious and they ensure people that Adele won’t lose her voice.

We have to mention the fact that she is only 21 years old, and she already managed to sell 4 million albums. This is why it is just natural that everybody is demanding her to be on tours. However there is some good news as well: she said to the Rolling Stone magazine that she will return the next year.

She is able to entertain and entire arena at once and people were hoping to see those arenas full this fall. It looks like their dreams won’t come true until the next year.

For those fans who would like to see her, she is releasing a DVD with her performance at the Royal Albert Hall. This DVD contains all the reasons for which she had such a huge success this year. Since this has been an important milestone in her career, the location has been decided to beLondon, where she has been born.

You might also be curious about her talent, but you could also admit that for a person the most important thing is their health, so just wait for her to cure. You can be sure that her comeback will be more than memorable so sit tight.