The cycle of abuse and violence can be difficult if not impossible for many women to break, but perhaps the fact of this being highly detrimental for children in so many different ways may help break the cycle.

It isn’t just cognitive and emotional development that will suffer, a child is likely to have poorer mental and physical health due to family violence and now research also shows that domestic violence can result in childhood obesity as well. Researchers found several factors that could be responsible for his higher childhood propensity for obesity in children from violent homes:

  • A mother may be less emotionally available to her children when she is suffering domestic abuse
  • Family conflict may also impact the feeding patter and style of families
  • In general, children may find any violence or abuse to be the cause of distress, tension or unhappiness, which may cause hormonal imbalances: increased production of stress hormone cortisol may cause fat accumulation
  • Discord and violence in the family may also be cause for decreased impulse control and affective dysregulation it was noted.
  • Ability of the children to exercise outdoors may also be negatively impacted by the isolation of the mother or the fact of being economically or socially disadvantaged