Everybody knows Jillian Michaels. She is a celebrity, a trendsetter and an example of inspiring role model for any woman. This is why when she chose to interview Rita Wilson – model, actress and the new editor of Huffington Post one should consider the reasons she had.

Jillian did the interview with a specific purpose: to show the world a truly inspirational woman who was able to start from modest origins and build for herself a career, a family and a name but most of all, a future any woman would want.

Rita WilsonWhat makes Rita Wilson special? Well…the topic obviously requires quite a lot of words, but what Jillian Michaels wanted to underline was that Rita is an example of attitude.

Born in a family of immigrants, she did her best to follow her own set of values, and based on them she dared to take on exciting challenges and opportunities that first led her to a modeling career, her very first role as a cheerleader in Brady Bunch and not far after to successful roles on the stage.

From the theatre life to producing movies and becoming a talented writer was but a step and it seems that Rita Wilson was not afraid to take it.

She is the proud producer of “My big fat Greek wedding” but at the same time a beloved wife and mother of three.

How does she manage to be both? The truth is that Rita Wilson amazed even Jillian Michaels at this chapter. Leaving apart the successful career and the beautiful family she is so proud of, Rita is a person knowing her own value. She considers herself lucky to have had the opportunities but she is the type of woman who did not hesitate to step forward and take the decisions that changed her life.

In her opinion acting on the things you want will bring you the success you hope for. It is really …that simple.

It is truly refreshing to see somebody like Jillian picking out of the female celebrities, a woman perfectly fit to serve as an example because of the way she treated life. This is the type of woman small girls should be looking forward to become when they grow up.